Thursday, December 25, 2008

American Christmas

With my family we joined my sister in Pescadero, one hour south of San Francisco. She lives in a wooden house, deep into a sequoia forest, not far from the ocean and from Pigeon Point, famous for the lighthouse builded in 1872.
Despite actually I get a strong influenza, in the following days I hope to paddle in Half Moon Bay or under the Golden Gate bridge during the GG Sea Kayak Symposium...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Learning control in the surf

8 December 2008.

A sweet night was followed by a perfect breakfast with milk, coffee, tea, marmelade, biscuits, bread, butter, orange juice and the magic add of the remains of some slices of the pizzas that Gabriele cooked for all of us (about 10 people).

The house of Andrea is a perfect lauching spot for kayaking. We need just to dress on our wet suit and put the kayaks on the water, grab the paddle and head for the mouth of the San Leonardo river.

Out of the river the beach was alive with a small surf that was perfect for a learning session into the breakers. Me and Peppe played and taked pictures while Tony was quickly learning how to brace in a small surf.

Andrea was hesitant and his choice was to repeat the wet exit, the paddle float rescue and T-rescue. Only the uncoming storm and the thinking of the cooked pasta let us paddle back into the river to join with Andrea's family and our friends for the lunch.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First post

The last excursion, december 7 2008, was very short but extremely exciting, with the paddling across the turbulent waters flowing from the San Leonardo river mouth to the sea, creating something similar to a tidal race. Here is a picture of me paddling against the current, towards the river.
Thank you to Gabriele Melita for this picture.

With our friends Mirella and Tony, plus Barbara, Andrea and Peppe (all them three are collaborators or members of our company) we paddled about 3 miles from the mouth of the San Leonardo River to the mouth of the Simeto River. The weather was beautiful with calm sea and a light westerly wind. Many birds watched in the banks and along the beach: little egret, cormorants, sea gulls and other unidentified species.