Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Paddling the sea of mythology.

Anyone knows Homer's Odyssey? Well, this is the place where a good part of the story took place... Such a wild, wildlife rich and beautiful place was perfect to imagine a so intricate novel. 

Today an australian beauty has come to discover the provenance sites (Sicily) of her family and she found that a kayak was a good vector.

A volcanic land is always offering high contrasts, strong flavors, deep colors. In a very calm day, as a guide I can dedicate myself in underlining all of this features and I just hope I've been successful in this mission.

The bloody mulberries were good and red like the anemone (here called sea tomatoes) and the final granita was welcome good: almond as a base, with coffee for me and with figs for Natalie. Fresh bread as a bonus.