Sunday, November 29, 2015

November 29

Well, it's not like summer but it's a great weather.
This morning I made two laps: the first with a young couple from Germany, the second - a bit shorter - with two younger characters that wanted to learn too quickly...
Here few pics of this nice day.


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Full Moon Night Paddling

Having temperatures going even above 37°C during the day, a night paddling becomes almost mandatory!
With a bunch of friends we went out to look for a fresh full Moon night exploration of the rocks in front of the harbour of Acitrezza.
The current was going northward - almost 2 knots ! - and there was a nice swell going southward, giving us some fun behind Lachea island in shorth and steep waves in the darkness!
My wife was finally back in her kayak after a very long time and my doughter was playing with me in a double, screaming in the dark "my father is crazy!".
We all and someone more had a final "pizza&beer" in a lovely terrace above the sea. It was really great!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Paddling the sea of mythology.

Anyone knows Homer's Odyssey? Well, this is the place where a good part of the story took place... Such a wild, wildlife rich and beautiful place was perfect to imagine a so intricate novel. 

Today an australian beauty has come to discover the provenance sites (Sicily) of her family and she found that a kayak was a good vector.

A volcanic land is always offering high contrasts, strong flavors, deep colors. In a very calm day, as a guide I can dedicate myself in underlining all of this features and I just hope I've been successful in this mission.

The bloody mulberries were good and red like the anemone (here called sea tomatoes) and the final granita was welcome good: almond as a base, with coffee for me and with figs for Natalie. Fresh bread as a bonus.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Favignana talking and paddling

On the 28th of May I had the opportunity to talk - as spokesperson of the italian sea kayak association - on a meeting organized from Legambiente on the outdoor activities on preotected areas. It was a very interesting meeting as well as the excursions following the event... Favignana is a beautiful location to paddle around!