Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Paddling

After the usual extra filling of the belly with all kind of delicious food, a paddling day is a must. Just me, my wife, my little sister, my next brother in law and our friend "Jeanluc Frontain" we have a start in the small harbour of Ognina, our favourite in Catania.
On the phone Peppe asked if it was going to rain but I reassured him with "no worry, it's ok". But it was in the morning and we start at lunch time... By the way, we paddle the 7 km to Acitrezza, rock gardening the basaltic coastline, under a shining sun. Looking north dark clouds are covering the view of Mt. Etna, looking south it is clear a wide raining area above Siracusa, about 50 km far. Air temperature is around 10-15° and it is a nice feeling to enter in a bar to drink a hot coffee.
Looking at the rainy clouds approaching from south the girls take the decision to give up and wait for a late pick up in Acitrezza. But them will lost a beautiful sunset under a light rain and a wonderful double rainbow...