Monday, June 29, 2009

Basic-surf sea kayaking class in Bruca

"Just one day late!" I told to my pupils from Sweden... "yesterday was the perfect sea for a surf course!". At the end the day was really fun, after some little surfing and a rescue lesson, so much exciting for the nordic guys that they asked me for learning more and to continue for learning a bomb proof eskimo roll...
small surf at the Bruca's beach

Paddling in the fog

Great paddling! With Vincenzo and Salvatore, we paddled in a 15 knots NW wind with patches of fog that reminded me Scotland! A lot of fun paddling downwind, a little bit less coming back to home... And nice breakers on the beach!
We all were not able to remind an end of June so cold, foggy and windy!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kayak for Cancer

Two double kayak teams crossed the sea channel from Sicily to Malta. 19th June at 16:00 they launched from the harbour of Pozzallo heading south towards Malta. The sea conditions were perfect with a very light wind but, as reported from Dorian, the night was very dark and the sea full of jellyfishes.

I visited them in Pozzallo to give them a good luck. The teams were composed by Dorian J. Vassallo with Albert Gambina and Michael Gellel with Mark Bugeja. A sailing boat and a safety boat followed the kayaks. After 15 hours and 25 minutes they landed safely in Valletta after an open sea crossing of 51 nautical miles.

The challenge has done to collect money for the cancer research and it is the third one after the crossing in single kayaks from Malta to Sicily in 2008 and with double kayaks around the Malta archipelago for a distance of 60 nautical miles in 18 hours in April 2009.

The next crossing will see the teams attempt to paddling from Malta to Linosa to Lampedusa and Mahdia (Tunisia), covering the total distance of 182 nautical miles in three days. Me and my friend Rino decided to join the maltese teams in a double... but to join them we have first to perform the crossing from Sicily to Malta!

Dorian, me and Albert