Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wet and happy

The nice thing of the islands is that if the wind blows from one direction you can go to paddle on the downwind coast. And we do it sometime, despite Sicily is a pretty big island. So, Gianfranco drove his car for a couple of hours to reach me on a place in which was possible do some rolling exercises also under a 30 knots ENE wind.
The rain was light but continuous, so we decided to exit from home already dressed for paddling, hoping that no policeman was on the road in such an horrible sunday morning. We reached safely the beach and the initial feeling was as we were not a bit but totally crazy.
Air temperature was around 12°C but the wind chill was close to zero. After few seconds of hesitation we launched into a small surf on the beach, much bigger after 100 meters, big enough to wash our faces. Under the small cliff east of the beach of Cava D'Aliga we started to brace and roll left and right trying to emulate a greenland style. Sea water was about 16°C, so warmer than air. A butch of cars parked along the road to watch at us, so we give an end and paddled out in search of some wave to ride on.
Looking back the sea was whitening more and more and the gusts were really strong. The crest of the waves were blowed back and surfing them we were blind for all the spray on our faces. After a while we fighted our way back to the beach and landed safely trough the surf that, in less than one hour, was higher and much powerful.
At home a well deserved stuffed chicken was waiting us!
Sicily is beautiful!

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