Friday, July 13, 2012

From Israel to Aeolian Islands.

The last week was dedicated to a tour of the Aeolian Islands with a group coming from Israel, guided by Rami Gil. All of them were very good paddlers but, since the weather was so good, they were not able to show their ability on the waves! The heat was the most challenging thing to deal with, reaching over 35°C during the central hours of the day. 
We paddled around the island of Vulcano on the first day, than we explored the west coast of Lipari and crossed to Salina, where an almond-and-coffe granita was waiting for us! In Santa Marina we discovered with pleasure a new swimming pool in the Arcangelo's houses. 
On the following day we loaded the kayaks on the ferry for Panarea. Here we paddled around all the small rocks on the east side of the island (Dattilo, Lisca Bianca and Lisca Nera) to continue with the circumnavigation of the entire island.
For the next day we touched Basiluzzo island, on the route to Stromboli. We made the crossing in four hours, not without a break and the swimming in the 1000 meters deep waters, tasting a yellow melon...
Stromboli welcomed us with so strong eruptions that the Civil Protection closed the way to the craters, but the show was ensured even from the safety distance of the Osservatorio in Labronzo Point, eating a good pizza and a drinking a glass of sweet Malvasia.

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