Thursday, May 14, 2009

A new sea kayak school

On the 29th of april we had a little party for the presentation of the second base in Catania of our sea kayak school.

Of course the party followed a two hours paddling session along the lava cliffs... Than, after the toast with David, the owner of the shop, and with all the present friends, we make a draw of four courses of introduction to the sea kayaking.

The four lucky winners never paddle before and this is much more interesting in the aim of sea kayak diffusion. The draw was done with little piece of numbered tickets mixed into the forward hatch of a "SKD 486"...

During the party a group of multi sport instructors started to talk about the possibility to offer a number of activities like wind surf, sea kayak, diving, snorkeling, caving, trekking, parachute and so on...

The kayakers friend also were present for a toast and offered their cooperation for future projects.
If a good start is a good omen, than we can hope well.