Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sicily Circumnavigation 1

11/10/2010 - A rest day after the symposium.
For Roger and Sonja the chosen day to start the circumnavigation of Sicily was not the best to go into a 1000 km journey. Huge waves and 25 knots winds were baiting hard against the East coast. So, after an attempt to start from the harbor of Giardini Naxos (hoping in a more sheltered stretch of coast) the plan B was to follow me to the north side of Mt. Etna to finish the grape harvest and squeeze the grapes into the press.
Roger and Sonja, living in Wales, are accustomed to bad weather and some rain can't stop them. They run Coastal Spirit, a company based near the famous island Anglesey. After teaching at the Vulcanoa Symposium (Roger is a 5 level Sea kayak Coach) they continued their journey in Sicily with the periplus of our island.

Overline and SKD companies borrow them two kayaks for the circumnavigation of Sicily. One is the Overline Aretusa, already used to go around Sardinia in 2006 and around Mallorca in 2009. The other kayak is the SKD 536, the new HV expedition kayak born after the experience of the 2008 Around (Scottish) Highlands.
Pressing of the must.
Yes this is the day. Choppy sea but light winds. Roger and Sonja pack in less than one hour all their equipment into the kayaks and starts from the little harbor of Ognina in Catania, even known as the Ulisse port. 
Extra high load capacity of these kayaks!
I watch them paddling in the still high waves and disappear behind the black rocks. They are heading North and rain is for sure waiting...
We planned to exchange SMS for weather forecast (from me) and position (from Roger). While I'm writing these words they should be somewhere around San Vito Lo Capo, half way of circumnavigation. Here there are our messages. R is Roger, F is Francesco.
R 18:05 – Sounds great, thanks. Great day, 2 days despite a thunder storm! I think we're North of Santa Teresa – this bit of coast all looks the same!

R 18:58 – Xlent! Messina port was busy + a little hairy. Camping below the tower, point of Messina.

R 15:30 – Rough day, as we came around the northern headland. Got to Rometta Marina, will camp the night.

R 18:51 – Hope the group had a good time, must have had some rough weather [A group from Israel paddling Aeolian Islands]. Super camp at Tyndaris. Lets hope those head winds are light!

R 6:25 – Its great here this morning (thunder/lightning to the west in the distance)... so better make the most of it!
R 15:14 – We got off at 14:00, lots of lightning + thunders, very heavy rain. Got a good place on a beach, W of Brolo. Will take a rest day or two!

R 13:31 – What a night! With heavy rain. Pleased I had ear plugs. A big swell is running, winds have dropped. We stayed and rested in the tent. What's the 20th forecast?
R 16:15 – Roll on friday :-) Had another rough storm blow through :-( cooking lots of food + even had a shave! Many thanks for update.
F 16:31 – Tomorrow WSW 13 kn, no rain. Decreasing in the night 8 kn. 21st to 0 in the evening. Friday the wind turn East!

R 15:55 – Dried & aired kit out, surf like the Siracusa day! Will try to get out tomorrow, if it settles as forecast.
F 19:19 – Yeees! Slowing down and turning East on Friday. Great weekend.

R 13:46 – Yipee... we got off the beach! Sonja did really well. Staying East side of Capo D'Orlando, surf really messy the other side. Early start friday :-)

R 18:40 – Castel di Tusa is our camp, I think. A great day. Likely two days to get to Palermo, sunday/monday.
F 22:48 – Good weather for next 2/3 days and light winds from South. Next week northerlies again. I could join you next weekend.

R 17:51 – On the West edge of Termini Imerese, close to a refinery/long pier. Lovely coastline + Cefalù was lovely.Would be lovely to have you along next weekend. Enjoy your weekend.
F 19:55 – Tomorrow light wind from SE rotating E in the afternoon and increasing to 14 kn with some rain. Send an SMS to Vincenzo [Stuppia] for sleeping in Arenella [Lega Navale]. He knows.

R 16:29 – Met Salvatore Bartoli, just as we came around Capo Mongerbino. He had followed your blog, so was a great surprise. He stay with us to Arenella. Got in at 3 PM.
R 18:48 – Just had grilled gamberone, delicious... at the same restaurant we went to back in April. :-)
F 20:06 – Fantastico! Guess you are in good hands... Weather is changing again, I'll check later the web. Have a good night.

F 9:57 – For the next 3 days (including 25th) W winds increasing every day from 10kn to 26kn and rotating North. Rain arriving 26th. 28th should be better.
R 11:15 – Oh hum! :-( We're taking a break from the headwind, super place Isola delle Femmine. Let you know where we end up!
R 19:11 – As we paddled past the airport wind increased to 15 kn, gusting 20 kn. 30 minutes of daylight left + 4 km to paddle! Booked into a hotel, as storm approached – Terrasini.

F 10:00 – May you have a chance today to reach San Vito Lo Capo. The wind will turn wednesday to North, from 11 kn in the morning to 26 kn in the afternoon. Sorry to be late.
R 16:39 – Just got your message. We're in a small cove, South of Torre dell'Impiso [Riserva dello Zingaro], 9 km from the Cape [San Vito]. Will be on the water before 7:00 AM [tomorrow], so hopefully get around!

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  1. l'8 novemmbre, a portopalo ci sarà un incontro di diversi sport, molti saranno gli iscritti al calcio.tutti rifacenti alla PGS. All'interno di essa sono riuscito ad inserire il kayak, siamo 15 iscritti e molti ragazzini. se arrivassero Sonja e Roger quel giorno, Sarebbe lo Spot più bello per il nostro Sport
    Carmelo B.

    p.s. ovvio da portopalo chi poteva essere