Sunday, August 22, 2010

Royal Air Force Cadets

A group of 14 cadets of the British Royal Air Force come to Sicily to have a small expedition and training by sea kayaking. Two instructors with them, divided into two groups for a total of 8 kayakers for two three days expedition. The weather was good except for the beginning of the first day and the end of the last one. 
A new experience for most of them, who managed to do all the rescues and paddling the 30 km of coastline, performing all kind of landing and launching with moderate surf. Even if it was a military training and a work for all, at the end it looked as a nice experience for everybody.
Special thanks to the Circolo Canoa Catania and Fabrizio, who give us the possibility to stay overnight at their base in the Catania harbour, and to Andrea's family for the use of their house at the mouth of the S. Leonardo river.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rolling class fighting the wind!

Again the weather forecast was a bit wrong. The moderate NW wind quickly become a 25 knots north and the rolling class become uneasy both for students and for teacher!
Having crossed the Stagnone lagoon, looking for a sheltered bay and a not too shallow waters, after only two hours we had to fight back our way to the launching point. No way to continue the course after that but at least I paddled with Sergio after years of talking about sea kayak! Giovanni and Gianluca shared with us this crazy day, good for windsurfers!
Of course here in Sicily all good days end with some good food... Bruschette, olives, salad and beer!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A little adventure in Portopalo

For this excursion of 7th August, the weather forecast was for a light breeze from NE and the choice of the island of Capo Passero seemed good enough for the little group of beginners...
But, just at the start the wind turned to be a westerly force 5. Repeated capsizing and T-rescue quickly convinced everybody to go back to the shore, to have a rest and go to paddle along the sheltered coastline.
The "tonnara", a marine cave, lava dikes... At the end it was a nice and experiencing paddling day for both the guide and the other paddlers!