Monday, July 26, 2010

Daily sea kayak excursion from Capo Mulini

Alun and Louise, after reading the interview to Justine Curgenven on the Sunday Times, contacted us for a day paddling. They have been guided by Rino and paddled 20 km (11 nautical miles) of the Etna lava cliffs north of Catania, a lot for two beginners!
Initially their strokes were high and not economizing the energies. After the first half of the excursion the strokes becomes more fluid, with the suggestions of Rino.
To fight the heat from a very hot day, Alun learned also to refresh himself holding at the bow of Louise's kayak, while Luoise was splashed with sea water by Alun and Rino. On land a shower was always waiting for the paddlers...
The sea was calm, even if for the final leg, from Acicastello to Capo Mulini, the wind increased a bit. But our friends had no problem.
Rino said they will soon be married: greetings from all the Maremotu Staff!