Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas: paddling or eating? Maybe both!

Last year I was in California at my sister's home... This year a very traditional italian Christmas with parents and families, characterized by tons of very good food that only in these times are cooked.

Despite our bellies were still stretched from the 24th night and 25th lunch we started the day with some creme croissants and cappuccino, not yet tired of eating!
With a small group of friends and some guests (one even from Naple) we launched in Catania to reach the village of Acitrezza. Water temperature was 16°C and air was a little bit more.

Following the rocky coast, made of Etna's lava flows that reached the sea and eventually flowed underwater, in less than two hours we reached our destination and landed into the lovely fisherman harbour. Here there is a bar right in the first building, an ancient house, that is perfect to refill the spirits, quitely watching the kayaks laying above the concrete slipway.

On the way back few minutes of rain and a light headwind were not able to slow down our pace, to be back in time for the lunch to finish all the goodies that we were not able to swallow during the preceding days!