Thursday, April 1, 2010

Island of Lampedusa - day two and three

After a relaxing breakfast we walk down to the kayaks on the beach. The wind, is blowing from NW instead the forecasted NE, and this is a great news because we have to paddle eastward for about 7 km and only two km north to close the island circumnavigation.

It is a succession of little bays and beaches, caves, arches, and bunkers. Exploring all the corners of the coast we disturb a hawk and a grey heron. Into a small cave we discover a hidden little and silent beach, before facing the noisy NW increasing force 5. The sea state is 4 on the east corner of the island and for us it is not safe to enter the caves on this side.

We are back at the campsite a bit late for lunch and we decide to walk into the protected area of the island, to see the famous Isola dei Conigli (rabbits). The place is breathtaking. Arriving from land the view is open on a turquoise crystal water and a pink-yellow beach rounded by white layered limestone walls. And the little island of the rabbits seems to be there to protect the beach from the south-west swell. This beach is so special that sea turtles come here year after year to bury their eggs. We watch the sunset and come back to finish the day with a pizza and cold beers.

In the morning we are waiting the opening of the ticket office for the ferry to Linosa. But the bad news is that the ferry will not reach the islands this sunday. After some minutes of confusion we are back at the campsite talking about maps, charts and GPS.

The afternoon is dedicated to more land exploring and the evening to a fish barbecue. All are happy, even if Linosa, the island of sea turtles and dolphins, will wait for another trip in these african waters.