Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tuna fish in Acitrezza

During a short trip along the Catania's coastline, in a calm-and-flat-water day, we realized that something was making rough water behind the Lachea island. Since this is not a place for tidal races, it was clear that some sort of fish were doing a lot of activity just below water surface. Some sea gulls were flying over and everything came clear when a one-meter-tuna jumped out from the water: a group of tuna fish passing near the coast had found a batch of small fish and were swimming around them and jumping in the middle of the mass to feed themselves. Eventually some opportunist sea gulls were falling down at full speed to catch some food too.

We were able to slowly approach at three or four feet from the slaughtering area, to see the big sea predators in action. Some of them passed very fast under our kayaks, running after the cloud of two inch small fish.
It was amazing to assist to this wildlife event. It happens into the Marine Protected Area of Acitrezza and we want to believe that we will be able to see this things more and more times.