Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Myths & Mulberries

One of my favorite coastline on the Jonian sea of Sicily is just north of Catania. This stretch of coast is rich of wildlife, above all sea birds and fish, but it is also rich in myths from the Greek colonization, when people were trying to explain the natural events with gods, nymphs and stories of adventurers. Moreover the place is very interesting from the geological point of view.
But in summer, with the heat of the sun, the plants offer us wild fruits like figs, blackberries and especially sweet mulberries with which a very good "granita" is made.
A couple of weeks ago with Lynda, from UK, we tasted firstly the fruits from the trees along the coastline, landing on a boulders shore, and then we had our granita eventually with cream on top and a brioche. In all of this Etna was rumbling in the distance for the explosions at the summit craters.