Saturday, March 7, 2009

A little park along the coast

Very close to the Maremotu Sea Kayak School in Bruca, only 5 km east from our beach, a new park is going to be open in this summer.
There is an interesting biological environment, very similar to the north African coast. Some trees are endemic, like the small palms, others come from the South America, like the agave cactus.
With a bike is possible to follow the coastline along the improved paths of the park.
From the village of Sampieri, after a short dirt track there is a little beach, very nice place to land with a kayak.

Then the rocky shore rise again but a track delimited by the classic white stone walls gives the possibility to reach a little house that will be used as a museum.

The story of this house started with the Second World War, when the german troops buided it up to control the coast.

The dirt road continues towards the village of Cava D'Aliga, along the rim of the sea cliff, between palms and agave cacta.

A nice little anthropized strip of land, between the sea and cultivated fields, that is both nice to paddle along or cross with a bicicle or walking.