Sunday, January 25, 2009

Extraordinary strong winds

This is an extraordinary hard winter, with heavy rain and winds.

In the last week here in the south of Sicily like in most part of Europe, the weather was all than good. Today a paddling was in my plan but the 35 knots blowing from the night before and reinforcing in the late morning prepared for me and my friends Peppe and Vincenzo a wild environment that discouraged all of us entering the water.The water was the color of the sand and big waves were running in two different directions. The beach was disappeared and some crushed wooden buildings parts were floating into the foamy liquid with all their nails and screws still attached on. Some seagulls were flying over the breakers looking for confused fishes and a Common sandpiper was looking for a sheltered spot between the exposed rocks.Also in Donnalucata, a village 10 km north of the Bruca beach, the conditions were pretty wild and after a hot coffee in a bar we just talked a little bit more about the weather, to agree that this (still blowing right now) is the strongest wind in the last ten years...