Wednesday, September 9, 2009

River and Sea Kayaking

Sarah and Tim, from UK, have booked a sea kayaking trip but the day is windy and they are not jet highly skilled paddlers. So we drive around the big gulf of Siracuse to the mouth of the rivers Anapo and Ciane.

Here we live my campervan and unload the kayaks on the grass, ready to enter the flat waters of the river. While it is possible to hear the roaring of the surf on the beach, we gently paddle along the banks of the rivers, watching herons, ducks and water turtles escaping from the trees or hiding into the reeds. Very relaxing the little channel that leads to a papyrus plantation used since the times of the Greek colonization.

The second day the wind is still blowing from NE, and we change our plan and Sarah and Tim reach the south coast of Sicily. Here we launch from the beach of Bruca, into the municipality of Scicli. The sea is flat, a light wind from land and plenty of sun. We follow the rocky coast and land on a small sandy beach for a break.

A light head wind on the way back and a restoration snorkelling, under the worried watch of a grebe, before the last leg of the – finally – sea kayaking trip.