Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two friends comes from Malta by kayak

Albert and Dorian call me in the evening to say “Ehi, Francesco, we will leave tomorrow morning to paddle to Sicily, can you pick us up in the evening at the Punta Secca lighthouse?”. After all the normal safety equipment they carry with them a SPOT (personal satellite tracker) and I will be able to follow their progress into the Sicily Channel crossing. It is a 54 mile distance but they already done that in group and with safety boats, for charity. Now they are alone into their beautiful double kayak.

At the sunset I am on the wharf of Punta Secca, the village that was used for the set of the Montalbano TV series, between Santa Croce Camerina and Marina di Ragusa. I’m a bit warried because I know that they had some drifting in the second half of the crossing. Now is dark, the lighthouse will guide them into the little harbour. After one hour waiting I spot a flashing light on my right and I’m sure they are, but... coming from West instead South!

A cold beer to welcome them is the minimum I can offer! Phone calls to friends and families. They are tired but happy and they tell me all the best moments of the crossing after we loaded the kayak on the roofrack of my Land Rover and we drive home. A shower, a pizza and a deep sleep.

The next day we have more relax, washing equipment and an interview to the local television. The ferry to Malta in the evening is the end of this beautiful adventure...
The next should be a crossing to Tunisia and I’m invited to go with them!