Saturday, January 10, 2009

Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium

I was yesterday at the first day of the GGSKS in the "rescue, towing and incident managment" class, with Rob Avery and Bryant Burkhardt as coaches. The class was really interesting and we also had a lot of fun, practicing the rescues into the Yellow Bluff tidal race. All our training was done with the great view of the Golden Gate Bridge, the skylight of San Francisco, Angel Island, Alcatraz and the Berkeley Bridge.

In the evening the symposium organization offered very good pizzas and drinks just before the presentation from Nigel Dennis of his last expeditions in some really extreme environments, like the circumnavigation of remote South Georgia island. His pictures are beautiful!

After a short pause Sean Morley introduced me for the slide show of the "Around Highlands" expedition of May 2008. Despite my poor English I was able to tell the story of the 800 km vojage that I've done with Mauro and Tatiana all around Scotland, from Fort William to Inverness.

Thank you to Sean Morley, Jen Kleck and Matt Palmariello for the organization this beautiful symposium.Thank you to my friend Fran Sticha, for driving me around California with her car, helping me so much in reaching the beautiful symposium location (Sausalito and Horseshoe Cove) and back to my sister's home in Pescadero.