Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Night Paddling + Pizza

One of the most beautiful summer short excursions are made in the night and amongst these the best are the ones that end with a pizza and a beer. With the friends of Barocco Slow Coast and Maremotu Club we organized an evening trip starting from and ending at our Sampieri base the Patapata bath establishment and bar-restaurant.


We were 15 paddlers with 12 kayaks of all sorts (three doubles). Due to the clouds the moon was not readily visible but at the end of the excursion she finally started to be reflected over the warm sea surface. My 6 years old doughter Paola was fantastic during all the two hours of paddling, using the best paddle she ever used: a Blacklight!

The pizza was very tasty and the friendship company (24 folks around the table) was absolutely fantastic!
Grazie a tutti, Thanks to all!