Monday, August 26, 2013

SIT-ON-TOP. A good way to start and fun for everybody!

I have always been reluctant on using sit-on-tops for the kayak school but after a one month test at our base in Sampieri I have to admit that there are some interesting things to point out about the sit-on-top:

  • it is the perfect boat for a total beginner, he will not be scared of capsizing;
  • good way to start a course, before to put a pupil into a sea kayak cockpit;
  • with a good hull and lenght it is fast enough for a couple of hours paddling;
  • great stuff if you just want to go out for snorkeling;
  • the owner of the SOT will not be concerned about the wet exit skills of the paddler;
  • easy way to teach paddling technics to the children;
  • a lot of fun if you want to ride the waves with one of this boats!
Here some pictures and more will come soon!